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Bombes Kodama

Installation, performance


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Produced for Ingràvid Festival 2010.

A public intervention, in between artistical performance and ecological reflection.

An homage to Japanese culture, an attack to the dehumanized city and an act of nature adoration.

Kodamas are a japanese amorphous almost transparent divinity that occupy the healthy natural spaces of the forests.  This artwork is inspired by the representation that Hayao Miyazaki does in the mythical film “Mononoke Hime” (1997).

The piece is composed by 2 parts, a performance, and a DIY tutorial to prepare the Kodama Bombs, explained like if it would be a cooking reciep. The resulting objects are organical-flying-gardens-bombs. Made of an adherent material and containing seeds and potting soil, with the size of a fist, it is a perfect artifact to be thrown to the ugly, dessertic, dehumanized walls of the concrete city. In less than 3 days the sticked bomb in the wall starts to pop up the first leaves. After some time the plant grows at such unsuspected areas of the city. These small stinky balls will serve as a symbolic act of rebellion, attacking the boring and empty walls of the cities, to give a chance to nature to reconquer our public spaces.

The artwork is presented as a 3 screen presentations that run simultaneously; in one screen the cooking how-to tutorial, on the second screen an amateur video of some youngsters throwing the kodama bombs on the city centre and finally one screen showing excerpts of the Miyazaki film.

During the Ingràvid Festival some Kodama Bombs where  distributed among the audience, inviting them to find the best places in town to throw it, according to their idea of where the city should be naturalized.


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