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Sedimentant Patrons

Sedimentant Patrons Instal·lació _ quelic berga

Sedimentant Patrons (fase) _ quelic berga


Interactive installation


Sedimentant patrons is the continuation of the work in progress “Patrons I: Glowing Gathering”. It reflects on human organizational patterns.

It underlines the beauty of the conscientiousness/unconsciousness of the society above the decisions of the individual persons. Inspired on the night view of cities flying in an air plane, the project is a research, using only dots and lines, on aesthetic patterns: mother earth in the dark and thousands of lights in the distance suggesting shapes and designs like roots, every single light with little stories to tell. From the sky, human being loses it’s importance to become something bigger… social network, organic and natural.

A reflect on the ego of the self and the human organizational patterns, both in social and structural ways.


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