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Squear mEATers

Mixed media, site-specific installation, Farrera, 11 Oct. 2016


installation, 3 marble plaques, variable sizes, Girona, 18 June 2015


Wood Sculpture, Farrera, 29 Abr 2015

This Is Not a Demonstration

This is not a demonstration es celebra el 21 d’Agost de 2012 a Singapur com a performance artística fruit de la col.laboració entre el col.lectiu artístic Vertical Submarine i Quelic Berga. Es planteja un opening que invita als participants a fer una assamblea per explicar que fou el 15M i desenvolupar de froma molt pedagògica […]


[Català] iAm [http://iam.caotic.net] Curtmetratge experimantal generatiu 2013 iAm és un projecte online, híbrid web i audiovisual, que tracta sobre el violent equilibri entre els humans i les noves tecnologies avui en dia. Ho fa mitjançant un software, creat amb processing, capaç de generar en temps real clips audiovisuals de 24 segons, sempre inèdits i originals, […]


[English] KRÄ Site Specific Installation (ceramic, wood, recycled motors, solar plaques) 2012 … 4 ceramic sculptures integrated in the natural landscape emit sounds doing monosyllabic percussions and vibrations. Using the solar energy they become almost alive organism that recall the constant change, the passing times, the importance of sustainability and in general, organic life rhythms. […]

Sedimentant Patrons

  [English] SEDIMENTANT PATRONS Interactive installation 2010 Sedimentant patrons is the continuation of the work in progress “Patrons I: Glowing Gathering”. It reflects on human organizational patterns. It underlines the beauty of the conscientiousness/unconsciousness of the society above the decisions of the individual persons. Inspired on the night view of cities flying in an air […]

Bombes Kodama

[English] KODAMA BOMBS Installation, performance 2010 Produced for Ingràvid Festival 2010. A public intervention, in between artistical performance and ecological reflection. An homage to Japanese culture, an attack to the dehumanized city and an act of nature adoration. Kodamas are a japanese amorphous almost transparent divinity that occupy the healthy natural spaces of the forests.  […]


[English] MICROMÓN installation 2010 Using recycled materials this work recreates ecosystems that reflect our daily lives through three vertical levels: ground, table, sky. As in fractals, structures are repeated at different levels of reality, and can be observed from a distance. Unlikely micro events suggest a repetition of patterns and invite reflection. Exhibited in “Pecats” […]

Poesis est Lux Mundi

Peça per al Festival Pepe Sales from Quelic Quelic on Vimeo. [English] POESIS EST LUX MUNDI installation 2010 Visual poetry in motion. This work is dedicated to the poet Pedro Casariego Córdoba. Based on the figure of the “thin man that never flags”, it creates movement, light and poetry out of recycled materials.   [Català] […]

Babel Quàntic

Babel Quàntic (obra final) from Quelic Quelic on Vimeo. [English] BABEL QUÀNTIC interactive installation 2009 Babel quàntic (2009) uses thirteen different alphabets from the world to create new words and new human faces. Impossible words give shape to impossible faces: some rather monstrous, some of incredible beauty. It is a generative artwork that creates endless […]


[English] CARTIZARA work in progress 2009 The word cartizara was born at 11:30, April, 25th, 2009 in Singapore as a “Not Found Word” in Google. It was used a case for reflection on the mechanisms that create meaning –and how we negotiate it-  in our society and the links between language creativity and technology. Although, […]

Higiene Íntima

  [Català] HIGIENE ÍNTIMA instal.lació 2007 Transformació d’un lavabo per convertir-lo en un espai de reflexió i interacció artística. Projecte realitzat específicament pel Centre Cultural La Mercè de Girona en el marc del TRANSART. L’espai creat trenca la visió quotidiana i deixa al descobert la higiene íntima. Un impressionant mur blanc ens rep abans d’entrar, […]


!! Click to see the artwork [English] NATSONG Online Sound Reactive Artwork 2007 Some of the latest technologies are used to recreate lost paradises. Visitors are ask to sing childhood songs on the mic to turn ubran landscapes into natural spaces. Each time someone uses his voice to surf into the animation, several random factors […]

Orwell Sensor

Orwell Censor from Quelic Quelic on Vimeo. [English] ORWELL SENSOR installation 2007 Presented at plaça George Orwell, April, 23rd 2007. An old TV set on top of an old chestboard and a microphone. The public are invited to see their own image on a program called “The People’s voice”, but when the passer-by begins to […]

Gronxa 01

Interactive installation, Girona, 6 Apr. 2007


Scanned objects, various sizes, 8 Set 2006


[English] CHRONOLOGIES 2006 Chronologies suggest the impossible capture of time through scanning. A working clock is being scanned to register its transformations/deformations as the scanning process develops. Depending on the resolution of the image the hands of the clock become fractioned and the wole clock (as in Dali’s paintings) softens up as time goes by. […]

Salt Quàntic

Interactive Flash artwork, Salt (Girona), 6 nov. 2005


Interactive CD-ROM, Girona, 9 June 2005


VideoWall installation, Girona, 8 oct. 2003

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